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We Fear Change returns

Written by Barry Warsaw in technology on Mon 25 April 2016. Tags: blogging,

I'm back! This time, I'm using the very awesome Pelican publishing platform, as Blogger just got to be too much of a pain to use. Let's hope that the simplicity of using reStructuredText, static pages, and outsourcing discussions will make it so easy to blog that I actually keep doing it. I've slapped together a basic theme, but no doubt I'll be tweaking it as time goes on. For now, the theme isn't in a public repository. A quick shout out to Font Awesome and font-linux for their very cool font icons.

I do intend to expand the themes I blog about. I'll still focus on Python and GNU Mailman as well as other technology, but now I'll include tai chi, music, and anything else that I feel the overwhelming urge to share. I hope I can continue to present my thoughts in a respectful, positive, all-inclusive voice.

I've migrated most of the pages from the old Blogger platform, and done some minor updating as appropriate. One of the main reasons I've moved off of Blogger was because of the pain of moderating comments. There was just too much spam. I've switched to the third party discussion platform Disqus and I've tried to import all the non-spammy original comments. I'm not sure I've done that correctly, but we'll see!

You can contact me via the Social links in the side bar, and via the various public mailing lists and IRC channels I hang out in. I hope to hear from you!