I read this somewhere

Written by Barry Warsaw in historical on Mon 25 January 2010.

I read this somewhere:

When we opened the door to this wonderful place, we were stunned!
Literally.  Uncle Fledge had to be led in by the hand and seated in front
of the massive TV.  He'd never seen anything so big.  Grandma loved the
"hot" tub and even with her massive girth, it came up to her chin so she
could relax.  The little family of hamsters or weasels kept wanting to
join her, so that's what the broomstick is for (in case you're wondering).

Uncle Fledge is a skier but he loved the game room so much, he played for
36 hours straight until he got pokey finger.  Then Aunt Weebus dragged him
out to the slopes.  Good thing too because we were getting tired of White
Lion on the jukebox.  Uncle Fledge and Jimmie's favorite band, how did you

Martha was kind of obsessed with the telescope but Billy brought his
laptop and then it was family YouTube time.  The view is spectacular
though.  Grandma loved watching the bears ice skate on the lake.  Never
seen that before she said.  The twins wanted me to add that the bunk beds
are fun, and the triplets loved having their own rooms.  Mom and Dad
retired to the jacuzzi for 8 hours, and little Moby had to keep refreshing
their champagne.  We loved the Bears Den and will definitely be back.

- The Kimmels, the Conans, the Boxxees, the Fledge Jrs & Srs, Phil, Sarah,
  Monk, Billy, Jimmy, Sandy Candy & Mandy, Uncle F. Aunt W, Grandma, Tina,
  Mallory, Frank, Stu, Mack T, Mack F, Tug, Willy and "Beans".


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